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Re: [Shop-talk] Soft-jaw pliers

To: Karl Vacek <>, "Mullen, Tim (IS)"
Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Soft-jaw pliers
From: Brian Kennedy <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 2009 08:54:51 -0700
I've seen a shop vice with a piece of about 100 mil copper cut and shaped to
go over the jaws. It stayed in place just fine. Don't see why you couldn't
do the same for pliers.

Brian K.

On 7/15/09 8:36 AM, "Karl Vacek" <> wrote:

> Those "Plumbing pliers" look like they might do much of what I want.
> Certainly they should work for small chromed or aluminum, etc. parts.  Maybe
> my shower massage will finally stop spraying at its connections ;-)
> I'd still like a set of aluminum or brass jaws too - maybe a soft-jawed pipe
> wrench.  Right now I'm rebuilding some Girling Luvax shock absorbers and
> they have large straight-knurled caps on each end.  I'm going to have to
> bore a hole in some aluminum and then split it into two halves to make a
> tool to remove those caps without marking them.
> Karl
>> Is there a reasonably-priced source of ready-made soft-jaw pliers (or pipe
>>> wrenches) ??  Maybe aluminum or brass jaws, maybe something like Delrin
>>> or regular Nylon ??
>> How about covers for the pliers like these from Harbor Freight:
>> I've seen similar pads at Sears:
>> (search for "pliers covers" in case the link doesn't work).
>> Or even "Soft Jaw Plumbing Pliers" :
>> Tim Mullen 
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