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Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 21:01:26 -0600
Okay folks, I've got to tell you of a great purchase I made for the shop
this weekend.
I've got to paint the house this spring and I've been telling my wife that I
should buy some scaffolding rather than climb up and down the ladder. Well
she is always telling me to buy the tools I need and to boot, she always
manages to get me to upgrade to a higher quality ( she is one great wife).
Well I saw some scaffolding ( standard pipe type) in the Northern Tool flyer
and she went with me to look at it. Once there she encouraged me to get the
Heavy duty scaffolding which has castors.  .

I was hesitate since it looked heavier and  would be harder to store but at
her insistence I got it. Well once home I assembled it and it struck me that
with the walkboard at table height it made a great roll about work bench (
5.5 ft X 2.5 ft) . Additionally it could save me  building a temporary paint
booth  to varnish  a wood dashboard and trim by simply draping a tarp over
the top and sides
This led to the realization that with the walkboard set  high and a tarp
over the scaffold it would make a great temporary outdoors storage for my
scooter or Isetta  when I need that extra room in the garage. Heck if I
picked up another unit I could park one of my Morgan's under it!

Anyway this purchase which I thought was probably going to be a 'use one
time and store forever' has turned out to be a great little addition to the

Only problem is now I don't have an excuse to not paint the house.

Bob Nogueira   ( who has no interest financial or otherwise in Northern
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