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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Repair underground conduit
From: "john niolon" <>
Date: Mon, 25 Feb 2008 12:19:15 -0600
I missed the first few threads so I might be in the dark here... but have 
had to make this kind of repair before... both on phone lines and sprinkler 
control lines.

I hit a buried conduit (gray & not very deep) with a post hole digger (about 
a 4" break and had to repair.  I dug around the bad section about 8 inches 
on either side and enough underneath to work with my hands.  This was 1" 
conduit.  I cut a piece of 1.5" conduit and split it down the length and 
about 1/8" wide.  I took out all the busted pieces of the old stuff and slid 
the new piece over the bad section inserting the wires through the split. 
When squeezed down it made a nice tight fit.  I slid the patch tube back 
over one end and after cleaning with pvc cleaner, slathered on pvc glue.  I 
got some glue from a plumber friend that gives you a little more time than 
the normal stuff.  Did the same to the other end but it didn't get as good a 
treatment cause time was running out.  Slid the patch in place and using 
vice grips, clamped it tight to the broken conduit and let it sit for an 
hour or so.

Came back later with a tube of silicon and a Nitrile glove and coated the 
whole patch , top, bottom, sides and ends and about an inch or two out each 
end with a thick coat of silicon...made a good old mess.... then let that 
dry overnight.  Next day I wrapped the whole thing with 3m splicing tape 
(#6147) this stuff is expensive but makes a watertight bond... (I got mine 
at work :-) )  then finally with 3m vinyl tape, several layers.  I trust 
this patch more than any of the joints in the whole run !!

I've never dug it up to check but everything is still working....  The split 
tube is the easiest way to repair and your level of sealing is up to you... 
At least coat it with silicon for sure..


> Thats is an excellent point.  Just step up a size or two, split it and 
> then
> just glue it over the top...
> -- Doug Braun <> wrote:
> Keep one thing in mind:  There is not really any
> expectation that the inside of an underground conduit
> will remain dry.  I have seen conduits that carry
> telco or power company lines under a street from one
> pole to another, with floodwater pouring in one end
> and pouring out the other.
> So you may be able to patch it with a piece of split
> PVC pipe, glue, and clamps and be OK, even though it
> is not hermetically sealed.
> Doug
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