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Subject: [Shop-talk] Battery Closet Light
From: Rush <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 00:24:22 -0500
I want to put one or two battery powered fluorescent lights in a closet, 
with a switch that will turn them on when the door is opened. I can't 
seem to find any that are ready made. I know I can probably hack 
together some camping lanterns and a hall effect switch to accomplish 
what I want, but I'd prefer something long and low profile, like an 
under cabinet lights. Appearances and packaging count here. I've googled 
and searched, and googled and searched and come up empty, so I am 
appealing to the power of the list hive mind to see if anyone knows of 
such a beast.

I'm trying to distribute the light down the height of the closet, so as 
many shelves as possible are lit, which is why I'm looking for a long 
fixture. Can a tube of battery powered LEDs, like you sometimes see in 
decorations, provide enough light to illuminate the situation? Or do the 
LEDs require house voltage to work?

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