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Re: [Shop-talk] Trickle Chargers - operating Costs

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Subject: Re: [Shop-talk] Trickle Chargers - operating Costs
From: Rush <>
Date: Tue, 05 Feb 2008 23:51:07 -0500
I look after it not because it is extra cost per kilowatt hour, my rate 
(almost free) stays the same throughout the day. It is the stiff penalty 
for every kilowatt over the limit I run, even if I only hit it once per 
month. I am constantly on the edge of hitting the penalty just by 
living, so I look after every watt that is consumed by around-the-clock 
devices and have things on timers all over the house. I looked at X10 
devices to further manage household power usage during they day, but 
they are still so expensive that I stopped calculating the payback 
period after I hit a decade.


Wayne wrote:

> Rush wrote:
>>Would anyone hazard a guess on how a battery minder would work being 
>>cycled on and off every day? I have off-peak power discounts, so I try 
>>to have little or nothing running during the day. So if I got a battery 
>>minder for my lawn mower batteries, I'd put it on a timer to only work 
>>at night.
> Wow, my first thought was "why bother".  The thing can't *possibly* use 
> enough power to even worry about.  A large discount taken off a couple 
> pennies is still a inconsequential amount.  Probably better to spend 
> your effort looking for a small gain in HVAC efficiency, for example.
> Then I did some math.  Damn -- even if it averages a mere 20W 
> continuous, that's 175 KWHr/year or 14.6/month;  which would run me 
> $14.00/yr $1.17/mo.  Hmm, apparently the little crap is worthy of more 
> attention than I thought.
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