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Re: lawnmower repair

Subject: Re: lawnmower repair
From: "David Scheidt" <>
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2006 23:56:00 -0400
On 8/28/06, <> wrote:
> lawnmower having issues.  does not like to idle.  will rev up and down then 
>spontaneously die.  playing with a thingy (tm) on the carb makes it not die.  
>the thingy(tm), if I had to guess, seems to control what would be the slide, 
>were it on a carb on one of my bikes.  it seems to be spring-loaded, and if I 
>hold it back, the engine will rev.  throttle pinned the whole time, fwiw.

It's been a long time since I've looked at one of these.  In general,
though, there's not much that goes wrong with these.  Take the carb
apart, taking careful note of how it comes apart, clean it, and put it
back together.  The normal problem with most tecumesh carbs, other
than general gunkiness, is o-rings that die of old age, damage to the
needle and its seat, and a float that doesn't.

David Scheidt

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