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RE: CH compressor question

To: "Shop Talk" <>
Subject: RE: CH compressor question
From: "Randall" <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 13:55:25 -0700
> I knew most of this, except for the part about 15 amp limits through a
> conventional outlet. The new compressor was tripping my 15 amp breaker
> when it got to about 120 psi. I just got my electrician friend to quote
> me on rewiring my garage with duplex 20 amp circuits. Is there a special
> outlet sold that can handle this?

I'm curious, Jon ... since this will involve new wires and breakers anyway,
why not add a couple of 220v circuits instead ?  Almost all motors in this
size range can be easily re-wired to 220v, and a 220v plug added to the
cord.  If your panel is already full, you can usually buy half-width
breakers to squeeze in one more circuit.

You might even be able to work a deal with your electrician friend where you
do most of the work under his supervision, and just pay him to connect it to
the panel.


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