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Re: CH compressor question

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Subject: Re: CH compressor question
From: Rush <>
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 14:51:19 -0400
I knew most of this, except for the part about 15 amp limits through a 
conventional outlet. The new compressor was tripping my 15 amp breaker 
when it got to about 120 psi. I just got my electrician friend to quote 
me on rewiring my garage with duplex 20 amp circuits. Is there a special 
outlet sold that can handle this?

220 service will come when I build my real shop. :)

My general thought has been that a motor that is rated for higher 
horsepower will run cooler and last longer than one rated at a lower 
power. The motor that came from CH is an Emmerson.

BTW, CH has given me no hassle about replacing the compressor with the 
broken foot. I suspect it was shipping damage that I didn't notice when 
I checked it over the first time. The foot was there, but it was 
probably already cracked and then it flew off when I started using it. 
My feeling of being cheated was in the oilless vs, oil bath issue. The 
compressors I listed in yesterday's email were all oil bath types.

I've had reason to call CH on other occasions and have always been 
treated efficiently and courteously.


Randall wrote:
>>Most 110 circuits are rated at 20A.
> Again not quite true.  The familiar parallel blade outlet is only rated at
> 15 amps, and in most areas it's a code violation to install a bigger breaker
> than the outlets are rated for.  I've never seen a home originally wired
> with a 20 amp 110v outlet.
> So, using the above numbers, we have 110v * 15a = 1650 volt-amps max from a
> standard 110v outlet.  Since it takes (roughly) 1000 va to produce 1hp, that
> CH compressor probably does produce about 1.65 hp, which they conveniently
> round up to 1.7 true hp.
>> So to get a real 5hp
>>compressor the motor MUST run on 220 V.
> That I agree with !

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