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Subject: Re: Re: CH compressor question
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Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 7:11:35 -0400
> Recently I bought a rebuilt CH compressor from the CH website.
> I can't give a good report. The foot on the pump broke, the one that 
> isolates the pump from the tank. Broke clean off. Plus it is an oilless 
> pump even though the description didn't say oilless. So it is very loud. 
> I felt cheated, but I can only blame myself for not studying the picture 
> and asking the question.
> I found these oil type compressors if I had been willing to stretch my 
> budget to around $500:


Don't know what you are really looking for, but most of 
those compressors aren't what they appear.  Most are 
saying 5hp but are 110V motors.  My neighbor just bought
a oilless upright, that said "5hp" peak and ran on 110V.
But there was wording that it really was only 1.7 hp in
the run mode.

The marketeers are playing games with us and rating the
motors at "peek" or starting hp.

Basically 1 hp = 750w so a 5hp compressor would use
3750 watts.  Now electrically Wattage or Power (P) is 
equal Voltage (V) time Current (I) or P=I*E.

Substituting 3750 for P and 110 for V you get
  3750 = 110(I)  or I = 3750/110 or 34A.  Most 110
circuits are rated at 20A.  So to get a real 5hp
compressor the motor MUST run on 220 V.

Hope this helps.


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