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Plasma cutters; Thermadyne/Firepower?

Subject: Plasma cutters; Thermadyne/Firepower?
From: Mike Lee <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 10:12:46 -0700
Just curious if any of you folks have much experience with these things?  I 
got to play with a Hobart (?) once in a shop class when the teacher brought 
his in for a demonstration, and have seen the big ones in action over at a 
Freightliner factory (just like buttah...).  I always thought it would be cool 
to have one around, but they were kinda pricey (to me, anyway).

When I was looking, it seemed that Thermadyne was a fairly prevalent brand, 
and sold under a number of brands, such as Drag-gun, etc.  I just saw an ad 
last night, which featured the Firepower, by Thermadyne, brand (I thought 
Victor made "Firepower" brand welding gear...).  It's a pretty small unit; 
110V, 20A, with built compressor (12A output, 30% duty cycle).  Supposedly, 
it's capable of 1/8" cuts.  The thickest I've ever had to deal with was 1/4"; 
maybe a double-pass cut would be okay?  Anyway, this one was $600, which is 
about $300 less than anything similar I had seen.  Have prices dropped that 
much recently, or is this a good deal?  Maybe I should hold out for something 

Your commehts appreciated!

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