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Re: Oil paint over latex

To: Dwade Reinsch <>
Subject: Re: Oil paint over latex
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 10:35:59 -0400
I took the doors down and removed the paint with an electric paint 
removing heater iron kind of a thing. Has an electric element covered by 
a sheet metal shroud. Goes fast. Used it to remove the paint on all the 
exterior siding two. Heater in left hand, paint scraper in right hand -- 
goes pretty fast. On the interior trim and windows, I used liquid paint 
remover -- major PITA -- goes slow. Might use the electric heater inside 
if there is ever a next time.

They make an electric heater to remove exterior window glazing. That 
might come in handy for the detail stuff like windows.

You can paint with oil over the latex, it's just that the latex is/was 
so thick that it hid the detail on all the trim and made it look like 
crap. My only reason for removing the latex was to expose the detail of 
the trim. When I was done, it all looked like new trim.

I would never use latex on interior trim. But that was 20 years ago, and 
the latex on the trim was even older so maybe things have changed.

Don Malling

Dwade Reinsch wrote:
> The thread about airless sprayers had several people saying that for the high
> gloss trim, oil based paint was much better than latex high gloss.  So, if
> your house has latex on all interior  surfaces and needs repainting, what do
> you need to do the use oil based paint on the door facings, cabinets, etc.?

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