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Looking for Tecumseh small engine specs

Subject: Looking for Tecumseh small engine specs
From: Jimmie Mayfield <>
Date: Wed, 14 Jul 2004 15:07:57 -0400
I use a Sears 2-wheeled 5hp string trimmer to cut down heavy weeds on the
farm.  Last week the engine threw a rod and knocked a hole in the
casing.  She's dead, Jim.

Anyway, Sears wants $260 for a replacement engine which is about twice what
a small engine that size should cost so I'm going to replace it myself.  At
5hp it tended to bog down in chest-high weeds so I'm thinking of using this
as an opportunity to upgrade to 6.5hp or a little larger.

I wasn't able to remove the pulley from the crankshaft, even after heating
with a blowtorch, so I couldn't measure the crankshaft specs.  I know the
upper part of the shaft is 7/8" and it looks like it has only one key slot
but I can't tell how long the shaft is or whether it's tapered.  Of course,
the local Sears tech was no help here.

The engine decal says:

  Engine model:  143995002
  Engine family: WTPXS 1851BA

This family is quite different from the other Tecumseh codes I've seen and
a search on Google returns only a couple references to the WTPXS family and
none of those appear to list any specifications.

Anybody have a document with the crankshaft specs for this engine?



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