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RE: Air compressor head bolts

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Subject: RE: Air compressor head bolts
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Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2004 09:36:13 -0600
Thanks Bob.  Seems to me the hardened washer is a good idea. The blue
Loctite might be good too.  It appears the reason I had to replace the head
gasket was loose bolts.  I think air compressor head bolts are a neglected
item in my garage.  When's the last time you re-torqued yours? ;-)

The page on torque setting is a 'keeper'.  One thing that concerns me with
the torque spec is the material that the head bolts are in is aluminum.  I
think the typical setting might be a bit to much?

By the way, someone wrote me off list indicating they couldn't help me
unless I supplied more information.  That information would be:

5/16 - 18 grade 5 bolts
Aluminum 6061 alloy

Thanks again.

Larry Hoy 

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> Larry,
> There are several aluminum components--shocks, carbs, thermo 
> housting--on my Austin-Healey 3000.  I have had success using 
> hardened ("grade 8") washers under the bolt heads to securely 
> "clamp" the aluminum component (especially the shocks, which 
> are known to work loose).  I don't believe in using 
> lockwashers, because they dig into the aluminum and can loosen.
> If it's a critical component--like the shocks, which in the 
> front form part of the suspension--I use blue Loctite on the 
> bolts and torque according to bolt size.
> bs

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