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Re: complicated modern cars

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Subject: Re: complicated modern cars
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Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 20:14:17 -0500
Fred wrote:
> Model"T", planetary gear tranmission, leather gears<

    The external contracting bands that activated the steel planetary gear
sets were usually woven       material . . probably had some asbestos

>crank starting,<

    Electric starting with a 6 bolt battery was a popular factory-order
option in the later years of the "T".

> no drivers door<

    Only some models lacked a drivers door, Many Ts had a driver's door.

>gas tank was under the seat with no fuel pump so only straight flat roads
or backwards down hills, (that should actually be UP hills)  gravity was not
the best source of supplying fuel.

    The gas tank under the seat was actually quite a bit higher than the
updraft carburetor.  It would have to be a nearly empty tank and one 'ell of
a hill before gravity fuel-feed became a problem.  There WAS a situation
which DID require backing up a very steep hill:  When the low gear band was
worn out and slipping too badly to climb a steep hill, one could often turn
around and back up the hill since the reverse band never received much wear.

You cannot believe how badly I hate being old enough to remember all this

Tony Clark
Lotus Tony's
Lotus sports and race cars

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