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Re: complicated modern cars

To: "Derek" <>, <>
Subject: Re: complicated modern cars
From: "FRED E THOMAS" <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 16:11:31 -0400
> --- Eric Murray wrote:
> > "next time, buy a simpler car that can be serviced anywhere"
> Eric, or anyone,
> 1 - are there any still being made?
> 2 - that's why I "play" with vintage cars
> Derek
The only car I can think of "simpler" than a T/R is a Ford Model A, and that
is only one step below "simple" but not as much fun, ask any Honda, Volvo,
Mazda or other new car today how "simple" they are and just how expensive
they are to keep on the road, "love T/R's"   "FT"

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