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Re: Flexible bushes source?

Subject: Re: Flexible bushes source?
From: Todd Walke <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 17:53:11 -0700
Tim wrote:

>These bushes have metal inner and outer sleeves and rubber interior.
>AKA Metalastik or Silentbloc bushes.  I have tried the parents of those
>brand names to no avail.  I think it might be Silentbloc part #E-1115
>but I don't have a catalog.
>OD              1.125"
>ID              0.500"
>Inner L ~1.5

         A little Googling shows that Silentbloc part #E-1115 is 1 1/8" OD 
x 1/2" ID.  That's got the right ID but a bit smaller on the OD.  Got that 
info from: <>, down at 
the bottom under "trailing arms"

         These guys: 
<> show a 1 1/4" OD 
Silentbloc bushing, but with a 9/16" ID.

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