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Taps & Dies

Subject: Taps & Dies
From: Mike Rambour <>
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 23:19:04 -0700
   about 30 years ago I purchased the cheapest tap-die set I could find at 
a swap meet and over the years I have replaced that set several times with 
equally cheap units.  4 months ago I purchased a Craftsman set, 39 pieces 
for $70 thinking I was finally getting a good quality set.

   Well yesterday I needed it for the first time and F...up 2 studs on my 
motor because the 6mm die is messed up, it created rolled threads and the 
studs would not go into the head.  So I returned that die to Sears and got 
a new one that is fine...but I am concerned about the whole kit now.

   Before I mess up anything else on my motor I want to buy a a good set of tap-dies and I am looking for an education and 
a place to buy them.  The guy at the bolt store today said a hex die is for 
cleaning up threads and a round one is for cutting threads, well my hex one 
destroyed the threads.

   What do I look for and where is a decent price, not looking for the 
cheapest, looking for some quality.


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