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Hydraulic Hose Crimpers

Subject: Hydraulic Hose Crimpers
Date: Tue, 6 Jul 2004 12:16:45 -0400
Ok, new tool time...

I'm getting tried of losing days when I break a hydraulic hose and have to
wait for the local store to open on Tues (they aren't open on weekends)

So I started looking into Hydraulic Hose Crimpers.  Damn, is this a
confusing market.  Different each manufacture has their own hoses, ends,
and presses.  None of compatible with each other (it seems).

Then, machines need dies, that are expensive.

Is there anyone out there that knows their stuff and can point me into a
direction?  I was hopping to not spend more than $500 on a machince that
can do most of the normal stuff.  (I don't mind used or refubished.)

I spend some time on the phone with guys that sell this stuff (they were
very nice and answered my questions.)  But I think I'm missing alot of
stuff here.

2 I found on ebay...


Are the ones I'm considering.  (note the second one requires a press)

Thanks for any and all help.


 "Did you exchange, a walk-on part in the war,
for a lead role in a cage?"  R Waters.

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