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Re: Hydraulic Hose Crimpers

Subject: Re: Hydraulic Hose Crimpers
From: "David C." <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 19:54:45 -0700
It's been a long time, but there used to be a system that didn't use dies 
and crimped fittings.  You put a hexagonal steel collar over the OD of the 
hose, clamped it in a vise, then screwed a second fitting into the ID of 
the hose.  The pressure created between the collar and the internal fitting 
kept it all together. These second fittings were available in a variety of 
different ends, male and female, depending on the need.  I don't remember 
who made them, but we used them in our food plant without any 
problems.  If  you find them, please let me know, too.  You might check 
with your local tractor place.

Dave C

At 12:16 PM 7/6/2004 -0400, wrote:

>Is there anyone out there that knows their stuff and can point me into a
>direction?  I was hopping to not spend more than $500 on a machince that
>can do most of the normal stuff.  (I don't mind used or refubished.)
>I spend some time on the phone with guys that sell this stuff (they were
>very nice and answered my questions.)  But I think I'm missing alot of
>stuff here.

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