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Re: 5th wheel vrs goose neck

Subject: Re: 5th wheel vrs goose neck
From: John Niolon <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 06:04:32 -0500
So what I'm hearing here is it mostly convenience ???   (and maybe a little
weight ?)   I would think that farm tractors and stock trailers and some of
the 'hot shot' haulers would carry as much weight as a travel trailer...
wouldn't they ??

but basically  I'm hearing that the 'gooseneck' with only the ball in the
middle of the bed is really a convenience for the farmer that needs the bed
space also...   ???   and the travel trailer fifth wheel  , even if it's a
pickup, it usually a dedicated vehicle for towing the trailer ???


there is NO limit to how bad things can get !

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