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Re: 5th wheel vrs goose neck

Subject: Re: 5th wheel vrs goose neck
From: Mike Sloane <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 08:38:20 -0400
John Niolon wrote:

> thanks Mike...
> I've done a little more research and also found that 5th wheels are rated
> at around 15-16K where gooseneck mounts are rated up to 30K.      I'm
> amazed everyday at how much "stuff" I don't know, thank goodness for the
> net  and the ease of finding out...
Yes, the Internet can be a useful source of information. Be very careful 
with that concept, however; not everything you read on the 'net is the 
truth. I think that the participants of this list mean well and tell the 
truth as they know it, but that doesn't mean they can't be in error at 
times. I know it sounds cynical, but approach any "facts" you read with 
a healthy dose of skepticism. :-)

> later
> John
> there is NO limit to how bad things can get !

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