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Re: 5th wheel vrs goose neck

Subject: Re: 5th wheel vrs goose neck
From: Mike Sloane <>
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2004 07:47:25 -0400
John Niolon wrote:

> So what I'm hearing here is it mostly convenience ???   (and maybe a little
> weight ?)   I would think that farm tractors and stock trailers and some of
> the 'hot shot' haulers would carry as much weight as a travel trailer...
> wouldn't they ??
Yes, travel trailers, for all of their size, are relatively light, 
compared to loaded stock and equipment trailers. Also, you can put some 
of the usable space over the 5th wheel, allowing either more space or 
shorter overall length, or both. The gooseneck arrangement puts all of 
the trailer's cargo area behind the tow vehicle.
> but basically  I'm hearing that the 'gooseneck' with only the ball in the
> middle of the bed is really a convenience for the farmer that needs the bed
> space also...   ???   and the travel trailer fifth wheel  , even if it's a
> pickup, it usually a dedicated vehicle for towing the trailer ???
That may not be 100% always the case, but it is close enough for our 

> john
> there is NO limit to how bad things can get !


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