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Trailer Floor Coverings

Subject: Trailer Floor Coverings
From: David Cole <>
Date: Fri, 01 Nov 2002 12:54:37 -0600
I need some ideas for trailer floor coverings.   I just ordered and put a 
deposit down on a new 28 ft enclosed race car hauler for my rear engine 
dragster.   Should about 5 weeks until delivery.

I was a on a budget so I spent what little extra $$ I had on things I 
needed.  Full 12V and 110 lighting and electrical.  Three 12V lights,  Two 
4ft 110V lights,  Two 500W recessed quartz lights to light the pits.  3 
wall outlets and a load center. All wiring and conduit is inside the 
walls.  All this was much cheaper than I could do it.  White vinyl walls 
and ceiling.  Also an electric tongue jack and extended ramp door flap/door 
bumpers to make loading the dragster easier.

After buying those items the budget was shot.  My in-laws own a cabinet 
shop, so I can get some nice oak cabinets for cost.  I need some ideas for 
the floor.  As delivered it will be bare 3/4" plywood.  28' X 8' interior + 
72"X92" ramp door.

Aluminum tread plate is out due to cost.  I had considered having it done 
with spray in truck bedliner.  Linex, Speedliner, etc., but I got a couple 
of estimates of $1600-1800 due to large square footage.

So that leaves:
paint, epoxy garage type
paint, enamel covered by a clear coat
polyurethane on bare wood
vinyl roll flooring
vinyl tile
rubber roll flooring (any sources that sell direct to the public?)

Any other ideas and pros/cons?

David Cole

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