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Re: trailer hardware

Subject: Re: trailer hardware
From: Drew Rogge <>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 08:05:39 -0700
They do make gate hinges which allow you to lift the gate off the post.
For an example go to "" and search for "liftoff hinges".
These may be overkill for what you want though. If you can thing of the
different names for what you're looking for I'll bet you can find it at


On Oct 23,  9:55am, wrote:
> Subject: trailer hardware
> well,  the trailer is getting closer to being finished... but I'm stumped
> looking for some hardware
> There used to be some hardware on the market that was used to connect
> sideboards...  I've seen it on
> pickup trucks with cattle side boards...  it's more or less a bracket with
> an eye and a bracket with a pin that connect together to hold the tops of
> the side boards together...  Northern tool used to handle it...but it's no
> longer in their catalog...
> any suggestions on how to hold (with easy disconnect) two panels that join
> at 90 degrees, other than a hinge with a nail for a pin... or has anyone
> seen the brackets I'm talking about anywhere ????
> john
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Drew Rogge

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