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Re: trailer hardware

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Subject: Re: trailer hardware
From: "Tim Mullen" <>
Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2000 06:27:29 -0700
<> wrote:
> There used to be some hardware on the market that was used to connect
> sideboards...  I've seen it on
> pickup trucks with cattle side boards...  it's more or less a bracket with
> an eye and a bracket with a pin that connect together to hold the tops of
> the side boards together...  Northern tool used to handle it...but it's no
> longer in their catalog...

I checked in my latest Norther Tool "sale" catalog (#152) and they have 
in there (on page 150) under the category "Steel Fasteners for End Gates and 
Side Panels".  They have:

12723-C152    Right Side Fastener      $2.49
12724-C152    Left Side Fastener      $2.49
12725-C152    End Gate Left Corner      $2.49
12726-C152    End Gate Right Corner      $2.49
12728-C152    Side Security Latch      $3.99

The Side Security Latch is the bracket / pin looking thing, the other parts 
are brackets with tabs that interlock as you slide them together (down)...

The even have the Stake Pockets:

12727-C152    Steel    $1.99
125504-C152  Galvanized   $2.99

Hope this helps...

Tim Mullen

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