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Re: waste-oil heaters?

To: "Rex Burkheimer" <>,
Subject: Re: waste-oil heaters?
From: Drew Rogge <>
Date: Mon, 23 Oct 2000 07:56:56 -0700
There was a BIG thread on waste oil burners over on rec.crafts.metalworking
last week. Not sure how much of it was off topic but you might want to take
a look at it. Deja News ( should have thread.


On Oct 23,  8:58am, Rex Burkheimer wrote:
> Subject: waste-oil heaters?
> Inch's comment stirred a matter of interest to me: Waste-oil heaters.
> In my shop I have a wood-burning heater made from a 55-gallon drum. It does
> the job just fine, and lets me get rid of burnable paper, cardboard, wood
> etc rather than send it to the landfill.
>     Being a gearhead, I generate large amounts of waste motor oil. I would
> like to burn this for heat.
> I am sure others on this list have been down this road, so here are my
> questions:
> Anybody have plans for building a waste-oil heater?
> Suggestions for adding this fuel to my current setup?
> Does synthetic oil work as well as dinosaur-oil?
> Should I just buy a factory-made unit, such as Grainger sells?
> Any other sources of stoves or info, like a good website?
> Thanks in advance. This list is one of the best in terms of high-info/low
> noise :)
> Rex Burkheimer
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Drew Rogge

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