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Re: Miata tires?

Subject: Re: Miata tires?
From: ericm <>
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 13:42:48 -0800
On Thu, Mar 30, 2000 at 04:39:49PM -0500, wrote:
> << I know it's sort of off-topic, but I know there's a lot of
>  sports car nuts on this list. 
>  What're good tires for a Miata?  Something that's got
>  decent wet-weather traction, no A008Rs.  I think it
>  uses 14" tires in a normal width. >>
> Bridgestone RE71's (195/55R-14) if they are still available or their 
> replacement RE730 (not sure if they come in 14") Very good bang for the buck. 
> Good wet weather performance also.

Laura's (it's her car) on the phone now to the TireRack
to try to score one of the few remaining sets of RE71s.

Thanks everyone!

 Eric Murray  ericm at the site  PGP keyid:E03F65E5

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