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Re: Electric versus Air Tools

Subject: Re: Electric versus Air Tools
Date: Wed, 8 Mar 100 13:21:55 -0500 (EST)

Grinders - air vs electric...Hmmm.

A case of the right tool for the job. I've got several of each. 
Each one answers a need at a given moment. The principal
difference is speed. With the exception of the Dremel, all the 
electric tools are low speed (~4k rpm) and the air tools
are high speed (~20krpm)


The Big Honkin Black & Decker (7") is great for taking off BIG 
weld beads, or with the right sanding disk, pulling all the paint
and filler off large panels. Nickname- Beowulf...If you force it 
and it get's stuck, it *will* pull your arm out of the socket 
and beat you with it.

The 4" Ryobi is perfect for putting the wire brush in and pulling paint
off of smaller panels with curves in 'em. Also good for brightening up
stuff before welding.

1/8" chuck die grinder (aka dremel tool) is excelent for detail work. 
Don't try to do any big tasks with it though.


The high speed die grinder is just that. A tool for small work. 
1/4" chuck will hold a variety of burrs and cutters. Good for 
head work and small detail that is too tough for the dremel.

Cut off tool: great for cutting up things. Lousy grinder.

Air drill: good for the occational chuck up of a wire brush to
get into places the electrics won't reach. But uses up too much
air to make a habit of it.

Would like to add:

air right angle grinder - to get to places the straight one won't

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