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Re: Electric versus Air Tools

Subject: Re: Electric versus Air Tools
From: Jim Juhas <>
Date: Wed, 08 Mar 2000 12:04:15 -0500
I bought a Habor Freight-type 4" grinder before the prices started dropping for
about $35.  (Now available for $20).  It makes a lot more sense to me to run
this little electric motor instead of churning the 5HP compressor.  To me, it
makes more difference on the task of the tool.  If, like me, you're going to
grind down edges prior to welding, or dressing up weld beads, the inexpensive
electric grinder is ideal.  It seems to have more torque than I can generate
from small air tools as well.  There are both pros and cons to that issue, as
illustrated in some other responses to you, but with a modest amount of safety
awareness, I don't expect you will have a problem. wrote:

> I am in the market to finally purchase a right angle grinder for use in the
> restoration of my vehicles.  It won't get the kind of usage a body shop
> would use, but I want a good one.  The first decision I need help in making
> is whether to go electric or air.  I am leaning towards air but would like
> to hear pros and cons regarding this.
> The other question is more subjective.  What brand and model should I be
> interested in?
> Thanks in advance for all comments.
> Jim V.

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