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Re: Electric versus Air Tools

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Subject: Re: Electric versus Air Tools
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Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 22:32:18 -0600
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>I am in the market to finally purchase a right angle grinder for use in the
>restoration of my vehicles.  It won't get the kind of usage a body shop
>would use, but I want a good one.  The first decision I need help in making
>is whether to go electric or air.  I am leaning towards air but would like
>to hear pros and cons regarding this.

I can't think of a single reason to use an air tool for home use.  If you
are planing on working in an explosive atmosphere, air might be a good deal.
Then again, you will probably be making sparks with the grinding itself, so
that is moot.  I am using an angle grinder with a knotted wire wheel to
remove (carefully) paint from my Lotus.  This is light work, but the motor
runs continuously.  I'd have to junk my compressor and shell out big money
for a big new one, and then both find a place for it and listen to it run
all the time.  Electric.  No-brainer, at least in my case.

>The other question is more subjective.  What brand and model should I be
>interested in?

After considering local availability, price, and the feel of the tool in my
hands, I went with the Mikita.  It has replaceable brushes.  I don't know if
I am going to care about that or not.  I chose one with the smaller size
arbor and bought an adapter to go up to the larger thread used on the
knotted wire wheel.  Now I can use accessories which mount with either size
arbor.  This model comes with a plastic case, so I have half a chance of not
losing all the accessories and won't have the power cord hassle when the
tool is in storage.

Phil Ethier    Saint Paul  Minnesota  USA
1970 Lotus Europa, 1992 Saturn SL2, 1986 Chev Suburban

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