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Flywheel to shaft mounting. Will it be OK?

To: "Engineering & shoptalk" <>
Subject: Flywheel to shaft mounting. Will it be OK?
From: "Pete Bronlund" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 08:02:28 +1300
Hi all engineering & shop folks, Can anyone tell
me if i'm on the right track or will i have
problems with this setup.

I'm converting to a manual gearbox on my
car-project & have had a flywheel made to replace
the flexiplate. The flywheel bolts to the crank
through a spacer (which was used also with the
flexiplate). There's only 1/8" (3mm) protruding
(of the crankshaft) through the spacer once it is
inplace to "centre" the flywheel onto. The
centring hole of the flywheel was machined out to
be as accurate as possible.  Five bolts clamp it
inplace it all to the crank through the spacer. I
need to stay with this arrangement to maintain
dimmensions for the thrust bearing location. My
concern i see is the flywheel mass being
positioned out on the crankend by 1/2" approx &
that it is centred enough...using a runout gauge
on an assembled engine is not giving me a good
enough reading. Ideas appreciated. Pete

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