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RE: Eastwood

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Subject: RE: Eastwood
From: "Larry Hoy" <larryhoy@Prodigy.Net>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2000 09:54:06 -0700
A while back I talked to someone at Eastwood (sorry can't remember his name) he
said that they have a marketing deal with Sears.

Larry Hoy

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> I was a little stunned to open up the Sears Auto Shop catalog that came
> to my door to find it was just a reconstituted Eastwood Catalogue. So is
> Eastwood now owned by Sears, or do they just have a joint marketing
> deal? I can't imagine big conglomerate Sears being good stewards of
> Eastwood's legacy and traditions, but I've been surprised by big
> corporations before (witness Jag.)
> What's the lowdown?
> Jon Rush

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