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Re: Flywheel onto crank, will it be OK?

To: "Engineering & shoptalk" <>
Subject: Re: Flywheel onto crank, will it be OK?
From: "Pete Bronlund" <>
Date: Sun, 5 Mar 2000 22:34:53 +1300
Thanks to all so far on this one. The project is the wee 215ci alloy
RoverV8 & i adapting the Toyota Supra 5spd W58 gearbox. The whole lot
will end up in my kitcar. As i said when the flywheel was made there was
a hell of a lot of time spent maching the centre through it. Credit to
the balancing guy who checked it too. Thickness at this point is 9.5mm &
if i put it onto the crank without a spacer it's a very tight fit
indicating the centring 'function' would be maintained. My problem is
though that there's only that 3mm which means 6.5mm is 'hanging out
there' when the spacer is inplace. I'm trying not to mess too much too
as it'll start distorting things. I guess a big session with the dial
guage to check the runout will tell me if the flywheel's centred safely
enough. Will let you know if i discover anything.
Pete Bronlund: Almac Sabre (being built).

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