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ceiling material

Subject: ceiling material
From: robert c noguiera <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 12:35:58 -0500
First, of all the newsgroups and mailing lists I have subscribed to over
the years this as got to be the best group.  Never any spam, or flame
wars and always lots of good advise.
Second  thanks for all the good advise on safety wire. I think I've sur
come to the complexity of modern life when " twisting  it' seems too
Third ;
After 9 years I need to finally finish out the interior of my garage.
Since I use the garage  attic for parts storage I'd like to keep the
weight of the ceiling material to a minimum.  ( rules out sheet rock ) . 
While at the lumber yard I saw some "Bath Board" which is a 1/8th inch
press board with a white coating on one side. This would appear ideal
since it would not need painting, is washable and comes in 4 X 8 sheets .
Problem is the label says to apply over a solid surface. Anyone familiar
with this stuff?
Any suggestions for a light weight ceiling material ?

Thanks again 

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