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Subject: workbench
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 12:28:44 -0400
I have 3 homemade workbenches:
1 - made from kitchen counter top (bought damaged countertop and repaired it)
This one is attached to the wall.  This one is handy because it cleans up real

1 - made from butcher block (used 8' x 2-1/2' section  I built a frame for this
one with two shelves and put casters on it.  This also has a mat on it and also
holds the vice (this does cause problems because this bench does move).

1 - made from plywood and angle iron frame (friend of mine gave me this one)
This one too has a mat on it.  It's about 3-1/2x6.  I was able to buy a damaged
piece of 3/4 plywood and cut off the damaged area.

Which one is used the most?  The plywood and angle iron frame bench is used most
often.  My son goes to this one when he rebuilds his motorcycle engines.  I
always seem to go to this one as well.  I personally hate it because there's no
overhang on the front i.e. no leg room.  So why is it the most used?  I think
that its because it has the best lighting and is the deepest.  You can work on
your project and still have room to put your parts and stuff on the same work

I used to have a workbench made of 3 2x8's.  This was a good strong bench but I
it didn't clean up well.

My 5 keys to a good work bench
1. plenty of lighting
2. plenty of lighting
3. plenty of lighting
4. wide enough to do all your work
5. put some sort of surface on it so that it cleans up well (a friend of mine
bought a piece of stainless for his work surface)

I guess the #1 key to a good workbench is finding the time to use it!

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