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Re: ceiling material

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Subject: Re: ceiling material
From: "Phil Ethier" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 1999 23:18:21 -0500
From: robert c noguiera <>

>First, of all the newsgroups and mailing lists I have subscribed to over
>the years this as got to be the best group.  Never any spam, or flame
>wars and always lots of good advise.

You typed "advise" when you meant "advice"!!!!  Prepare for the flame-fest
of your life, cretin!

Just kidding. :-)

Seriously, folks, the tolerance level on this list is very commendable.  I
have always felt comfortable asking the dumb question here, and you all
never yell at me for the typos I make when I get too rushed.

>After 9 years I need to finally finish out the interior of my garage.
>Since I use the garage attic for parts storage

I use the 8 feet of new-construction over the shop as storage.  This is
manufactured trusses.  I put 3/4" plywood on the top of the truss for load
floor.  These trusses are on 24" centers

The 22 feet of old construction was upgraded by me with 2x6 joists and 1x4
triangulation pieces.  These joists are on 16" centers to mate with the old
rafters.  This area is just too crowded with structure to use for storage,
so there are no floor boards.  The area is all filled with 6 inches of
fiberglass insulation over a vapor barrier and the aforementioned hardboard.

The 20 feet of new construction designated as "parking garage" has open
trusses so that it can hold up the odd long item like winter storage for my
canopy poles.  This area is not to be heated, and is separated from the shop
by an insulated wall bearing a 36" exterior-style door and a 10-foot-wide
insulated overhead door.

>I'd like to keep the
>weight of the ceiling material to a minimum.  ( rules out sheet rock ) .

I don't know that the weight is that big a deal.  Sheet rock weighs about 44
pounds a 4x8 or so.  1/8" hardboard weighs maybe 22.  If you are worried
about weight, upgrade your joists or trusses by sistering in some more wood.

>While at the lumber yard I saw some "Bath Board" which is a 1/8th inch
>press board with a white coating on one side. This would appear ideal
>since it would not need painting, is washable and comes in 4 X 8 sheets .
>Problem is the label says to apply over a solid surface. Anyone familiar
>with this stuff?

The reason I didn't use sheet rock for my ceiling is that there seems to be
a worldwide shortage.  The stuff used to be almost free around here and now
it costs about 9 bucks a sheet.

I used 1/8" hardboard, on sale at the time for $4.44 a sheet.  Looks pretty
good on the walls, but sags pretty badly on the ceiling.  I have 16" centers
on my ceiling joists.  The only noticeable part is at the seams.  Plan on
using LOTS of screws on the edges.  As a sag develops on the edge, I put in
another screw.  Since I did not run stringers the other way, the sags on
edges between joists is just something I must live with.

How much does this stuff you are considering cost?  You may be able to buy a
ton of white latex semi-gloss for the difference in price.

By the way, rent a panel jack for the job.  I got one for 26 bucks.  It
allowed me to do the whole ceiling in one day, working alone.

>Any suggestions for a light weight ceiling material ?

When some of the LOONs saw my ceiling, they thought it was tin.  Must have
been the semi-gloss.  :-)   Maybe thin metal would be good.  Probably more

So, do you have a vapor barrier and insulation above this ceiling?

If not, why do you want a ceiling anyway?

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