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Re: Safety Wire

Subject: Re: Safety Wire
Date: Mon, 19 Jul 1999 07:46:19 -0700

Randall is correct as usual but if you don't want a bunch of 1/16"
diameter holes in your skin you might want to cut the twisted ends
a little bit longer and bend them so they double back on themselves
by about 3/16". The cut ends have a tendency to be real sharp.


On Jul 17, 11:21am, Randall wrote:
> Subject: Re: Safety Wire
> Bob :
> Usual practice is to twist the ends and cut them off in the twist,
> leaving about 1/2" twisted.  Normally it's soft stainless steel (don't
> know the alloy), but if corrosion isn't a concern I don't see why you
> couldn't use ordinary steel 'baling' wire of the proper diameter.
> Copper or aluminum are definite no-nos.  If you live in the US, Harbor
> Freight seems to carry a 1 lb spool of .041" SS lock wire for about $8.
> They also carry the funky twisting pliers for about $15, which I think
> are worth the price even for just a few twists.
> Randall
> wrote:
> >
> > Could  someone advise me of the proper way to tie the ends of the wire
> > when safety wiring two bolts . Also is a special type wire used ?
> > Thanks
> > Bob
>-- End of excerpt from Randall

Drew Rogge

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