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Re: Safety Wire

Subject: Re: Safety Wire
From: Mike Sloane <>
Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1999 05:53:25 -0400
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Safety wire is cheap, readily available, and very handy once you learn 
how to use it.  Just make sure that the twisted pigtail is positioned 
such that it pulls the fastener (bolt or nut) tighter.  In other words, 
wrap it clockwise around the fastener so that it is pulling in the 
tightening direction.  The pigtail is the anchored to something 
stationary, usually through a small hole, or to another fastener.  For 
example, the main bearing caps might have two bolts safetyed through 
small holes in the bolt heads.  The safety wire makes an "S" shape 
between the bolts with the wire pulling both bolts tighter.  (Of course 
the wire isn't really pulling, it just keeps the bolts from loosening.)  
The wire between the bolts should be wound (spun) around itself and the 
pigtail exiting the second bolt should be spun around itself, cut off 
about 1/2 inch or so then bent against the bolt head.  Oh, for a simple 
picture.  It's easy, really.

You can get the wire and the tools that make it easier from the
Harbor Freight Tools 800-423-2567 or
U.S. Tools 800-521-4800 or,   wire is $11, spinning tool 
is $8, deluxe automatic pliers are $24
Aircraft Spruce 800-329-2020 or
Chief Aircraft 800-447-3408

Aircraft Spruce has a nice catalog, I think it's free with an order. 
catalog has pictures of safety wiring techniques and also many good shop 
information tables, i.e. torques, tap sizes, etc.  Mainly for airplanes 
but applicable to many things.


Mike wrote:
> Could  someone advise me of the proper way to tie the ends of the wire
> when safety wiring two bolts . Also is a special type wire used ?
> Thanks
> Bob


Mike Sloane
Allamuchy NJ


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