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Hazy floor

Subject: Hazy floor
From: Gary Kneisley <>
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 21:46:35 -0400
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 21:34:47 -0400
From: Gary Kneisley <>
Subject: Hazy floor

Awhile ago there was a lengthy discussion about painting garage floors, the
essence of which, endorsed the epoxy 2-part paint as the only way to go.

Well, I've etched the floor in preparation for the 2-part paint but now have
a gray haze, which won't blow off with the pressure washer.  After two
washings I end up with stripes of different shades of gray.

The haze seems to be part of the cement, not a powder.  It appears to be a
result of the chemical reaction of the acid and the cement.

One person suggested a lighter (weaker) solution of muratic acid.  Another
said, "don't worry about it, just paint over it."

Considering the potential for a botched job, I thought the collected
knowledge of those who have been there and done that might be useful.  So,
fire away and please help keep me from ruining my new shop.


Grafton, OH

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