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Need engineering consult

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Subject: Need engineering consult
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 1999 11:55:21 -0700

     Recent trailer chat made me ponder if there is someone in email-land 
     that can assist.
     I have an enclosed 26' (floor) trailer.  It is 8'6" tall.  I bought an 
     hydraulic four column lift (backyard-buddy) so that I can get two cars 
     into the box trailer.  
     It is in place and functional.  
     It works great.
     Question:  How to secure it to the trailer.  The trailer has steel 
     channel (1.5") uprights (studs) on 16" centers.  The inside wall is 
     .030" aluminum and the outside is .050" aluminum.  I know that the 
     aluminum is screwed into the uprights every 6" thereby "shearing" the 
     wall pretty well.  It however must flex as it moves along the hwy.
     How to install a very rigid steel structure (lift) within a flexible 
     box?  If I attach it to the walls it may tear the trailer -as the 
     trailer rolls along the road... 
     Securing it to the floor is simple.  But, what about the top of the 
     posts?  I don't want the thing to move with a car on it...
     Any insight?

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