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RE: Carbon Buildup Preventative Maintenance

Subject: RE: Carbon Buildup Preventative Maintenance
Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 01:54:35 EDT
Water injection is a very good remedy for "blasting" carbon build-up within 
cylinders.  That used to be a popular add on system to prevent pinging before 
the advent of knock sensors and electronic ignition.  I've heard a number of 
people comment that when they removed a head for a broken head gasket that 
the cylinder(s) that were adjacent to the break were very clean while the 
other cylinders had the usual carbon build-up.  I've also heard you can 
dribble a garden hose into the carb. while the engine is idling and this will 
have a similar effect.  You shoud probably change the oil after this, however.
Greg Donati

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