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Re: trailer plans

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Subject: Re: trailer plans
From: "Phil Ethier" <>
Date: Wed, 7 Apr 1999 07:30:38 -0500
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>well, it's that time of year.... YARD WORK   ARGHHHH!!!!!   I'm looking for
>some plans to build
>a small utility trailer for the yard... I've got a heavy duty 6x12 but its
>just too large and cumbersome
>in the yard...  looking for something around 4'x'4'  or 4' x'6'  using
>anything from 12" to 15" tires.  I've
>got an old straight axle with springs from the front end of my 53' f-100

In sizes like that, wouldn't it be better to buy a frame from Harbor Freight
or Northern and build your own box on it?

Phil Ethier    Saint Paul  Minnesota  USA
Lotus Europa, VW Quantum Syncro, Chev Suburban

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