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Re: Bending steel tubing?

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Subject: Re: Bending steel tubing?
From: "Simon Young & Heidi Millton-Young" <>
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 1998 15:55:28 +1100
Mike asks:

> I'm looking for some help with bending tubing.  I'm trying to make
> which will require some sharp successive 90 degree bends in tubing.
> I will be using some tubing ~1-1.5" o.d. (undecided) 1/16"-1/8" thick.
> The two 90 degree bends will be about 3" apart, and perpendicular to each
> other.  I would also distort the tubing as little as possible.

        You can buy mandrel bends from exhaust suppliers (specify tubing dia. 
radius of bend) then piece them together as required, although 1-1.5" od
might be outside their range.
        If it must be one piece try a sand bend.  Weld plate on one end of 
fill with casting sand or similar, weld plate on open end then heat and
bend as you described with vise.  
        Very sharp turns in tubing as small as you describe may be difficult to
achieve without some distortion, is there an alternative to steel tubing ?
        Sunbury, Vic

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