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Re: garage heaters

To: "Peter J. Thomas" <>
Subject: Re: garage heaters
From: "Scott W. Paisley" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 09:16:07 -0700
Peter J. Thomas wrote:

> Another option might be a radiant heater, one of those parabolic dishes
> with an infrared element at the focus.  

I use this type of heater in my garage for the CO reasons.  Not so much
that I'm worried about being smothered by the CO, but I get a headache
from it.  The other nice thing about the dish, is I can set my tools
next to the dish and they are warm in my hand.  As I pull tools out of
the box, I set them on a crate in front of the dish which heats up the
tools.  (No the crate isn't wood. :-) 

I was worried about using a 1000 watt heater for economy reasons, but I
haven't noticed a noticible difference in the electricty bill yet.

-Scotty Paisley

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