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garage heaters

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Subject: garage heaters
From: (Dave Williams)
Date: Mon, 26 Jan 1998 12:01:00 -0500
-> I've used one of these a lot and they do a great job, but be careful
-> abou= t
-> the byproducts of combustion, they can kill you.

 Our house is old and poorly insulated, and out in the added-on sections
it gets pretty cold.  The main heat is a standalone natural gas furnace
in the living room - no exterior vents.  In very cold weather I use a
Mr.Heater propane heater in the computer room.  It has run as long as a
week continuously.

 Having some concern about fumes, I acquired a carbon monoxide detector
a couple of years ago.  I can wave a match under it and it will go off
(it also has a digital readout, though I'm not sure what it's supposed
to be digitally reporting on).  Anyway, it'll go off then, but the
Mr.Heater has never bothered it.

 Our local propane vendor likes to put lots of sulfur dioxide in their
propane, so sometimes the smell isn't so great, but it's not as bad as a
kerosene heater.

 The heater is marked "not for use in dwellings or buildings occupied by
humans" and has horrendous warnings all over it.

 If you care to steal a milk crate, they're a perfect size to drop a 20#
propane tank into, nice snug fit.  The crate gives a much wider
footprint than the small circular base that is welded to the tank.

 We don't leave the heater on when we're not at home, we have no
children or pets, and we don't care about the warnings that say we're
going to choke to death on toxic fumes and then get cremated when the
house burns down.  Your mileage may vary.

 The shop is too big for the Mr.Heater to do much other than provide a
place to warm your hands when they go numb.  I bought one of the 155,000
BTU kerosene bullet heaters, which does the job nicely.

 Use caution when spraying lubricants or paints in a closed room with an
open flame.  Most spray cans use propane or butane as a propellant, most
lubricants are flammable, and some paints are flammable as well.  If you
have a lot of spray painting to do, it's best to take the parts outside
to shoot, then bring them back inside to dry.
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