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Re: garage heaters

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Subject: Re: garage heaters
From: "Peter J. Thomas" <>
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 1998 10:09:40 -0500
Bruce Wentzel wrote:

>Message text written by Art Pfenninger
>>Yesterday I had a chance to try out my propane heater, the verdict is IT
>I've used one of these a lot and they do a great job, but be careful about
> the byproducts of combustion, they can kill you.

There is also the possiblity for a gas leak from the tank.  Propane is
heavier than air and will pool and spread across the floor.  If you have a
basement garage, any leak spread and could be ignited by a furnace or hot
water heater.

I've have been using a small ceramic heater.   I place on the ground in
front of the car blowing underneath the car.  It does not warm the whole
garage but does take the nip out of the area I am working on.

It does not produce any CO2 or  CO.  I do not have to store a combustable
product in the basement and it never runs out.

Another byproduct of burning hydrocarbons is H20.  This water vapor will
condense on you cold tools and car parts.

Another option might be a radiant heater, one of those parabolic dishes
with an infrared element at the focus.  I have seen them used outside and
they seem to do a good job.  The advantage of this type of heater is
instant heat.   You point it at your work area and go straight to work.
With a propane or kerosene heater, you first have to warm the entire garage.

Any way, if you use a propane heater, I suggest storing it outside when not
in use.


Peter J. Thomas

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