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Subject: Re: Dream Shops
From: Andy Banta <Andy.Banta@Eng.Sun.COM>
Date: Tue, 09 Apr 1996 10:19:41 -0700

>Seperate "dirty" room: house the noisy air compressor,
>sand blast cabinets, grinder, and buffer (hate that dust).
>Maybe even an exterior fan to help purge the room of dust.

For automotive-related shops, I'd think just the opposite would be
desirable: a "clean" room for engine and precision machine work
assembly.  That's exactly what I've done.  It's a fairly small room
with a counter and good lighting.  I force filtered air into it to
maintain positive pressure.  It's worked rather well.

For things like blast cabinets, grinders, etc, I highly recommend a
good dust collector.  Harbor Freight is selling two-stage dust
collectors for under $300.  Your lungs are worth at least that much.

>Office area: seperate room: book shelves, desk, cabinet for
>"fine & rarely used tools", bathroom, phone, and fridge. ;-)

Good idea.  I find that I don't use my "office space" room for much
more than the book shelf of reference books or doing machining
calculations.  But it is nice to have someplace with a flat surface
for writing.

>Space permitting: LOFT, with WIDE stairs, above the office
>area for parts storage. Keeps that spare fender and radiator
>out of harms way while working in the shop.

Great place to stack tires, too.

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