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Dream Shop's

Subject: Dream Shop's
From: (thomas walter x5955)
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 96 08:46:02 CDT
While talking about shops, I would recommend getting a hold
of a copy of "The Workshop Book" by Scott Landis. ISBN

While geared to WOOD WORKING, there are still a lot of good
ideas applicable to any shop in there. Even if you don't buy
it for those long winter nights of day dreaming, I'd 
recommend checking out a copy from the local Library. 


Seperate "dirty" room: house the noisy air compressor,
sand blast cabinets, grinder, and buffer (hate that dust).
Maybe even an exterior fan to help purge the room of dust.

Office area: seperate room: book shelves, desk, cabinet for
"fine & rarely used tools", bathroom, phone, and fridge. ;-)

Paint area: Small area, with exterior blowing fan, to act as
a miniture spray booth. Boy, when dealing with those freshly
bead blasted suspension parts nice to have a paint area seperate
from everything else, and that stays clean.

Space permitting: LOFT, with WIDE stairs, above the office
area for parts storage. Keeps that spare fender and radiator
out of harms way while working in the shop.

Someday....  ;-)


Tom Walter   '67 & '68 Datsun 2000's
Austin, TX.

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