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Century MIG Welder

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Subject: Century MIG Welder
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 96 15:16:28 EDT
Re: Sam's Club 145 amp 230 volt MIG welder by Century

I, too, am interested in the above welder and called the Century Mfg. Co.
hotline to find out who would service the welder in the Albany, NY area.
Turns out there is a full line welding supply co. that handles and repairs
Century and other brands in Albany.

I stopped and picked up info on the regular Century line. The dealer was
friendly and pointed out the differences between the models. Spot/stitch
control is used by body shops where production is important, timer for spot
welds and stitch for long welds on thin body panels in a single pass.Their
top of the line 120 volt unit has 140 amps, 20% duty cycle and spot/stitch
plus other features for $832. The starting unit in 230 volt is 150 amps, 30%
 duty cycle but no bells or whistles and retails for $588. Both units come
 with a gas regulator. He has sold a number of the 150 amp units to hobby
 welders. It will work on all sheet metal up to 5/16". His only comment on
 the Sam's Club unit was that it cut into his sales as he could not match the
 price. It is a slightly lower powered version of the Century 150.

Has anyone used the Sam's Club unit or any Century MIG welders?

Gene Myszkowski

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