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Re: [Mg-t] Installing a Hood

To: "Stuart C. Keen, Jr." <>
Subject: Re: [Mg-t] Installing a Hood
From: Charlie Baldwin <>
Date: Sun, 30 Sep 2007 22:34:17 -0400
When I installed my current top back in 1970, I used upholstery tacks, 
installed by hand with an upholstery hammer.  It has held up quite 
well.  I have a friend who has a TD with 28,000 miles on it with 
original paint, seats, carpet, and top.  With this email, I'm also 
contacting him and asking if he can determine how the top is attached to 
the front bow.  I was looking at his car yesterday and saw that at the 
rear it was attached with brass slotted screws in brass finishing 
washers.  This surprised me a bit.
PS Bob, please reply to all of the recipients that I sent this to.  Thanks.

Stuart C. Keen, Jr. wrote:

>In the process of installing a new hood (convertible top) on my TD, I've
>reached an impasse as to getting a stapler to work. The removed hood
>(installed around 1980) was secured with copper wire staples approx 0.5
>inches long and 5/16 inch wide. Very thin. The closest I can find locally
>are Arrow T20 staples (0.5 inch long and 5/16 inch wide). However they are
>MUCH thicker (not wire thin) and with the manual gun from Home Depot, just
>will not satisfactorily penetrate the front wood bow of the hood. It is very
>hard, probably ash. Shorter T20 stapes were not available from Home Depot,
>Lowes or ACE. I then tried the wider T50 Arrow staples (3/8" wide). Tried
>lengths of 1/4, 3/8. 1/2 inches. Tried a manual and a heavy duty electric
>gun, but noting seems to penetrate the ash without folding or sticking out
>of the wood. The Arrow staples are just too thick to penetrate the wood.
>What staples and staple gun is recommended, as used by others installing a
>new hood? I think the old wire thin staples I pulled out probably penetrate
>the wood easier, but I am unable to locate a similar product.
>Thanks for advise and any suggestions.
>Stu Keen
>1951 MGTD Mark II
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